1The key to having a killer outfit can lay in how you adorn your wrist. Can you believe, int his day and age, that a wristwatch can be so important? In fact, it is largely due to how prevalent smart phones are that watches have become something of a style choice nowadays. Today let’s look at how you can pick the next wristwatch for your big outfit.

Picking Your Fossil Watch

When it comes to picking your watch you are going to want to find a perfect balance between function and fashion. Fossil watches tend to have the functional aspect locked down so then it becomes all about putting your outfit and your watch together in order to perfectly complement each other. You can break down the style of your watch into two distinct categories: the band and the face. The band of your watch can come in a variety of different materials with the most common asthetic option being black or brown leather. You should also consider the option of picking multiple different wristbands for your watch so that you can change them out in order to match to your outfit of choice.

Once you have the color and face style of your watch down you can get to shopping. Fossil Damenuhren are amongst the top tier brands but there are many companies out there that do a fantastic job. In the current fashion climate pretty much any nicer watch is going to make your outfit stand out in a good way. Consider any number of higher end watches and wear it on the opposite of your writing hand. So if you are right handed, wear your watch on your left wrist. Keep the watch in a safe place and make sure to focus on long term upkeep!


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